Offshore Support Services for Oil, Gas and Marine Logistics

Qualified Masters and crew

All offshore services include appropriately qualified Masters and crew, all of whom have a professional approach and a focus on both safety and efficiency.

Offshore supply

High speed transport to and from offshore facilities of cargo up to 30 tonnes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

ROV support

Deployment, retrieval and remaining on station during operations. Vessels have large desk and bench spaces for setting up all monitoring and recording instruments.

Seismic support

Full range of support services including monitoring and patrolling seismic operational area, transporting goods and cargo to survey vessel, and notifying other operators.

Dive support

Vessels allow divers to easily enter and leave the water via swim platforms, with large deck areas for equipment such as decompression chamber containers, compressors and grouting equipment. There are also large desk and bench spaces for setting up dive communications.

Standby operations

High quality standby service that includes maintaining constant visual and radio communications with the operating platform in readiness for any emergency response.

Side scan sonar support and recording

Deployment and retrieval of side scan equipment. Vessels have large desk and bench spaces for setting up all monitoring and recording instruments.

Site surveys

Accurate recording of depths and coordinates at individual sites, depth box surveys, line depth and obstacle surveys.

Wildlife investigation, interaction sighting and recording

Accurate recording of varied marine species, their positions and any interaction with operations in the area, for example whale interaction with seismic vessels.

Oceanographic support

Deployment and retrieval of wave rider buoys, current meters and acoustic recorders. Vessels have large deck spaces for equipment.

Vessel recovery and towage

Additional Services

Port Denison onshore support

  • over 1000 square meters shed space
  • over 4000 square meters open space lay down area
  • onloading and offloading facility for offshore equipment

Onboard accommodation and catering

  • divers, ROV operators and all other personnel

Project planning support

  • advice and resources
  • help with tasks such as safety case planning, analysis and implementation


  • deck-mounted Hiab
  • winches
  • stern rollers
  • tenders
  • rigid inflatable boats

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