Experienced Marine Operations Specialists


Our history began in the 1940’s with the establishment of an engineering and construction business.

In 1998 we became Bass Marine, supporting the offshore oil and gas industry and providing other marine logistics services.


We have a reputation for reliability and efficiency that we work hard to keep.

The reasons for our standing in the industry include three generations in marine operations, and vessels that we equip and maintain to a level far above minimum standards.

The proof is that Bass Marine has never had down time for any reason apart from extreme weather.


All operational staff are highly qualified, skilled and experienced in marine industries.

They stay trained and prepared at all times, practising regular emergency drills to ensure they are ready for anything.


George Bass, Managing Director
Anne Bass, Director
Clay Bass, Director & Marine Operations Manager
Daemon Bass, Director
Sonia Kerr, Administration Officer
Master Class 5 with over 50 years marine experience
Over 40 years marine services administration experience
Master Class 5 with over 25 years marine experience
Master Class 4 with over 20 years marine experience
Over 30 years Commercial Management experience

Office: +618 9927 1372
Email: admin@bassmarine.com.au